About Us

Detroit Bible Students Ecclesia is a non-denominational Christian group. We invite you to Bible Studies & Devotions on Sunday mornings at 10 am and 11:30 am at the Meininger-Mahany Senior Community Center, Royal Oak, MI.

“Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not
to be ashamed,
 rightly dividing the word of truth.”
 2 Timothy 2:15

The Detroit Bible Students Ecclesia offer the following newsletters for your spiritual encouragement and uplifting as well as to answer questions you might have regarding the Bible teachings.

The Rich Man and Lazarus - Summer 2023 read

Righteous Judgements - Winter 2023 read

God's Kindgom - Fall 2022 read

Is There Life after Death? Part 2 - Summer 2022 read

Is There Life after Death? Part 1 - Spring 2022 read

What think ye of Christ? - Winter 2021 read

Why Israel? - Fall 2021 read

Who are the Goats - Summer 2021 read

The Gospel of Christ - Spring 2021 read

Triumphant Faith - Winter 2021 read

Peace on Earth - Fall 2020 read

God who Hides - Spring 2020 read

Acceptable Prayer - Winter 2020 read

Lord's Prayer - Fall 2019 read

Heaven - Summer 2019 read

Thy Word is Truth - Spring 2019 read

Justification by Faith - Winter 2018 read

The Unknown God - Fall 2018 read

The Time of The End - Summer 2018 read

God's Eternal Spring - Spring 2018 read

Jerusalem - Winter 2018 read

Born Again - Fall 2017 read

God and Reason - Summer 2017 read

One Morning at Sunrise - Spring 2017 read

Only Believe - Winter 2017 read

God is Love - Fall 2016 read

Paradise Lost and Paradise Restored - Summer 2016 read

Creation's Amazing Architect - Spring 2016 read

Moses and All the Prophets - Fall 2015 read

Our Greatest Endeavor - Summer 2015 read

The World's Greatest Book - Spring 2015 read

History's Greatest Event - Winter 2015 read

The Return of Christ - Summer 2014 read

Peace of God - Fall 2014 read

When Will God Stop the Suffering? - Summer 2014 read

Bible Prophecy - Can It Be Believed?- Winter 2014 read

Salvation - Fall 2013 read

The Truth about "Hell" - Summer 2013 read

Jesus the World's Savior - Spring 2013 read

Revelation - Winter 2012 read

If You Are Gods - Fall 2012 read

Comfort Ye My People - Spring 2012 read

What is Truth? - Winter 2011 read

Behold the Lamb of God - Fall 2011 read

Troubled Times - Spring 2011 read

The End of the World-
Is It To Be Feared?

Israel's Spiritual Claims read

Formula for Godliness read



Can We as Saved Christians Lose Our Salvation? read

Does God Care? read

How to Study the Bible And Have it Make Sense read

The Season of Hopefulness read

The Calm After the Storm read

The God of All Nature read

The Importance of the Resurrection read

The Present Crisis in the Middle East read


Witches, Ghosts and Mediums - What do the Scriptures say about Spiritism? read